“An artist describes the world in the first person – this is my life and my experience.”
Ray Hughes, Art Dealer, Sydney.

After decades of making satirical drawings and caricatures I escaped to Australia heavily disguised as an artist determined to draw to my own deadlines. As everything was new to me from the Arafura Sea, over the salt lakes to the mouth of the Murray River I had plenty of inspiration. It was the oddities that fascinated me – leaping kangaroos, dancing crabs, Long-nosed Poteroos and of course the Duck-billed Platypus.

Gradually my portfolio became a record of the creatures Noah left behind. I took this work to Sydney’s master printer, Michael Kempson of Cicada Press. Together we turned these Aussie eccentrics into etchings. By making the prints I became very familiar with my images, which eventually found a new home on my Ceramics.

Australia via China is about as far from the UK as you can get. To keep in touch with my eight grandchildren I illustrated my adventures in letters home, some of which have been made into Giclee prints by Fine Art Printer, Peter Menim.